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We deliver business solutions that empower our clients to better meet their strategic goals, while navigating the rapidly changing landscape for long-term business competitiveness and provide value to society.

In today’s business environment, where organizations are beginning to realize the critical importance of finding the right balance between financial, social, and environmental priorities, clarity provided by Round Rock Advisory can put the picture into focus.

Strategy provided by Round Rock Advisory is most effective when aligned and integrated with existing strategic initiatives and coordinated with an intelligent approach to the related risks and opportunities. Round Rock Advisory helps clients successfully manage corporate responsibility, sustainable development issues, and ESG principals.

Round Rock Advisory can help with establishing best practices, organizational development, strategic partnerships, board engagement, and developing sound and responsible corporate business strategies.

Rita C. Reed
Owner, CEO

As a scientist and global strategist, Rita understands what it takes for organizations to remain competitive while drastically transforming the way they operate. With 18+ years of diverse and successful experience in the energy and IT sectors focused on corporate strategies, business development, environmental compliance, operations, and organizational change management...

Rita Reed
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Mark Boucke

Mark Boucke - Consultant

Principal Compliance and Certification Specialist

Mark advises individuals and commercial & non-commercial organizations on establishing and strengthening their Environmental, Social and Governance [ESG] strategies and tactics in addition to helping them to meet their compliance and certification needs...

Jeff Dangremond

Jeff Dangremond - Consultant

Principal Financial Specialist

Jeff Dangremond is the Principal Financial Specialist at ESG Verification, LLC and a Consultant/ Advisor for Round Rock Advisory, LLC. In those roles, he is responsible for advising companies, individuals, foundations, and nonprofits. He provides guidance and collaborates to set both the strategic and tactical financial direction with a focus on Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) initiatives...

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